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Havfruen fiskerestaurant seafood



Soul, history & quality

Those who love Seafood will be delighted with Havfruen fiskerestaurant, the oldest Seafood restaurant in Trondheim, a place with high standards and a nice atmosphere.


The menu features a rich selection of fish and shellfish, as well as local meats, always the best of the season. You can choose from different meals from our  A la Carte menu.


You can reserve a table or just drop in. 

We are open Tuesday-Saturday from 17.00 and the Kitchen closes at 22.00.

The restaurant also offers a private room, seating up to 16 persons and a banquet room seating 50 persons.




   “Freshly caught fish, served with seasonal ingredients”   

  // Kim Remi Moen //  

Catering & Events


Event locations with great features, good atmosphere and historical views. Parallel to Trondheims "Old Bridge", river Nidelven and Nidarosdomen Cathedral.

The rooms include:

- Larger company / business locations, perfect for larger groups

- The main Dining Room and Restaurant

- Unique and personalised dining experiences

- Chambre Séparée

- Private meeting room with facilities

   “From natural wines to classic wines, we have a taste for everyone and every occasion”     

The Menu


As a company, we can customise menus with both meat & seafood.


The chefs at HAVFRUEN restaurant see cooking as a piece of art.

They are very creative & passionate in creating exciting new flavours.

Trøndelag has some of the world's best ingredients, and we love to use them in our dishes. 

We focus on the seasons and the ingredients that nature provides in that time of the year.


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Opening hours

Tuesday - Saturday : Closed

Sunday - Monday : Closed

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