Havfruen fiskerestaurant // Main restaurant

The Restaurant

// Soul, history & quality //

In our restaurant we can serve you a tailor made company menu, according to your wishes.  Regarding to the personalised changes in the menu, for the best results we advice you to

consult with us first.

We are specialised in seafood, but can also serve tasty seasonal meat dishes.

Ground Floor Rooms

Chambre Séparée

// Hidden gem in the heart of the restaurant //

For smaller groups up to 16 persons we recommend reserving our “hidden gem” Chambre Séparée.

The premise is great for everything from private parties, weddings, celebrations to memorials, baptism and gatherings.

Havfruen fiskerestaurant // Chambré Séparée
Havfruen fiskerestaurant // The Deck & TheMeeting Room

The Meeting Room & The Deck

// Fantastic private & company locations //

The Havfruen Banquet/meeting room is at the ground floor of the house, at the same level as river Nidelven. Meeting Room is perfekt for company and business meetings. 

 Room provides facilities such as a projector, TV screen and sound system.

The room can accommodate around 60 persons and has its own bar, restroom facilities, elevator and private entrance.

For larger groups the banquet room on the ground floor can serve up to 80 persons.

It is also possible to rent the entire Havfruen for the evening and have dinner in the restaurant & party in the banquet room.

In this room you will find a cozy historic premises with a warm atmosphere and a fantastic view of Bakklandet.

  “River Nidelven and Bakklandet, seen from  
  The Meeting Room & The Deck”   

Contact us

For any enquiries please do not hesitate to take contact

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